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  1. Present research and developments of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute in the field of welding and related technolo­gies. B.E. Paton (Ukraine).
  2. Chinese-Ukrainian E.O. Paton Welding Institute: the innova­tive platform of the international scientific-technical coopera­tion in the field of welding and related technologies. Achieve­ments and new feasibilities. Dr. Liao Bing, Dr.Ing. Dong, Dr. V.M. Korzhik (China, Ukraine).
  3. Joining of steel and dissimilar material joints with highest strength — there are other ways as welding. U. Reisgen (Germany).
  4. The FSW technology of non-ferrous metals — process condi­tions and examples of application. A. Pietras, Dr. A. Weglowska, Ing. B. Rams (Poland).
  5. Novel technologies for condition monitoring and non-destruc­tive testing: present and future. L. Gelman (Great Britain).
  6. Application of advanced forming and joining technologies in aeronautical structures. Li Zhiqiang, Wei Chen, Ying Deng, Wei Xie (China).
  7. Technologies of flash-butt welding of rails, developed at PWI: 60 years of innovative solutions. S.I.Kuchuk-Yatsenko (Ukraine).
  8. 2D and 3D modeling of the vacuum arc remelting process. A. Jardy (France).
  1. Thin-walled welded transformable-volume structures of space purpose. L.M. Lobanov, V.S. Volkov (Ukraine).
  2. Low stress no-distortion welding based on thermal tensioning effects. Guan Qiao (China).
  3. Advances in engineering methods for non-destructive meas­urement and beneficial distribution of residual stresses. J. Kleiman, Dr. Yu. Kudryavtsev (Canada).
  4. Challenging trends of works in the field of welding and related technologies in SSPA «Powder metallurgy». A.F. Ilyushchenko, E.D. Manojlo, S.I. lovygin, A.I. Letsko, A.A. Rad­chenko (Belarus).
  5. Diffusion welding and brazing of dissimilar metals by using the controlled stress-strain state. Dr. V.V. Kvasnytskyi, Prof. V.F. Kvasnytskyi, Chen Hexing, M.V. Matviienko, H.V. Ye­rmolayev (Ukraine, China).
  6. Advanced characterization of friction welded molybdenum. M. Stuetz, F. Pixner, D. Canelo Yubero, N. Enzinger, Prof. C. Sommitsch (Austria).
  7. Effect of plate thickness on rotation speed in FSW of alumini­um alloy Aa 6061-T6 sheets. G. Ipekoglu, O. Aksam, G. Cam (Turkey).
  8. Modular design of productive electron beam welding machines. F. Kolenic (Slovakia).
  9. Prospects of development of welded monocrystalline struc­tures of heat-resistant nickel alloys. K.A. Yushchenko, B.A. Zaderiy, I.S. Gakh, G.V. Zvyagintseva (Ukraine).
  1. Anode processes in welding arcs: theoretical studies, math­ematical modeling, computer experiment. I.V. Krivtsun (Ukraine).
  2. Magneto-acoustic diagnostics of water damaging of ferromag­netics. Prof. Z.T. Nazarchuk, Prof. V.R. Skalsky (Ukraine).
  3. Robot welding on tube nodes. Prof. S. Keitel, Ing. U. Mucken- heim, Ing. U. Wolski, Dr.-Ing. J. Muglitz (Germany).
  4. Some technological peculiarities of site welding in construction of isothermal tanks. Dr. -Ing. M. Beloev, Prof. N. Lolov (Bulgaria).
  5. Structure and properties of wear-resistant ion-beam vacuum coatings. M.A. Andreev, L.V. Markova (Belorus).
  6. Electron beam technologies of welding, surfacing and prototyp­ing: results and prospects. Dr. V.M. Nesterenkov (Ukraine).
  7. Tends of development of special electrometallurgy of titanium in Ukraine. Dr. S.V. Akhonin (Ukraine).
  8. Effect of multi-pass friction stir processing on the microstructure and mechanical properties of dual-phase steel. T. Kucu- komeroglu, S. M. Aktarer, G. Ipekoglu, G. Cam (Turkey).
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